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The neck and shoulders work together in such a way that anything that affects one will have an impact on the other. Shoulder pain is usually a result of "referred pain," meaning that it originates elsewhere. Neck dysfunction is the most frequent cause of pain referred to the shoulder, and "forward head posture" (FHP) is the most common type of neck dysfunction leading to shoulder pain.

Forward head posture often begins with spinal dysfunction, resulting in the head being carried in front of the shoulders. The weight of the head creates tension in the joints of the cervical spine, putting mechanical stress on the shoulder girdle. As time goes by, the joints are exposed to excessive wear and tear, which can lead to osteoarthritis of the neck and shoulders, as well as ongoing pain.

The best way to relieve shoulder pain is to address the nervous system interference that caused it. Our team at Saulter Chiropractic are experts in correcting underlying spinal dysfunction, which may cause shoulder pain, and we achieve this through the use of gentle and effective chiropractic care. We offer corrective wellness chiropractic care that is designed to promote natural healing by clearing the way for the body to heal itself, using techniques such as spinal decompression and other specialized therapies.

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