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Vertigo and dizziness can be distressing experiences that can be caused by various underlying issues. However, in many cases, a misalignment in the upper neck can be the root cause. This area contains complex and sensitive neurology, and when there is a vertebral subluxation, it can lead to corrupted data being sent to the brain, causing confusion about which sensory input to believe.


Proprioception is a neurological function that can be related to little GPS sensors. When the proprioceptor nerves are irritated due to vertebral subluxation in the upper neck, it can cause prolonged vertigo and dizziness. Despite closing one's eyes, there is still conflicting input from the ears and spinal nerves, making it difficult to alleviate the symptoms.

At our Falmouth-based chiropractic clinic, our skilled chiropractors specialize in detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations in the upper neck through effective spinal adjustments. By realigning the spinal bones, the neurology in the area can begin to calm down, leading to a decrease in corrupted signals sent to the brain. Instead of simply masking the symptoms with medication, we aim to correct the root cause of vertigo and dizziness so that patients can find relief and regain control over their health.

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