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About Us

Saulter Chiropractic

Serving the Greater Portland Area since 1982!

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Our Story

Saulter Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Leonard Saulter in 1982 in Falmouth, Maine.  For over 41 years, Dr. Len and his wife, Pam, lovingly ran the practice while raising their family. The benefits of his chiropractic treatments have helped generations of patients to improve their health while eliminating pain and discomfort.

In 2023, Dr. Len brought Dr. Patrick Dunphy into the practice. He has practiced in unique settings in Idaho (his home state) & Utah where he provided pediatric, maternity, geriatric and sports injury care. In April 2023, Saulter Chiropractic was purchased by Dr. Patrick and renamed Chiropatrick, LLC and is doing business as Saulter Chiropractic. Dr. Patrick is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal state of function and excited to be a part of the Saulter Chiropractic family.

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